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Welcome to Uncle John's, the home of Original Yellow Maize Porridge


The late John and Glenda Vinnicombe farmed the way they had been taught by their parents on a farm outside Underberg on the foothills of the Southern Drakensburg Mountain range. Uncle John, as he was known to our generation, grew a natural yellow maize called the Bushman Mealie.

This mealie was planted on the farm in the early 1900's and was only grown for the farm's consumption. Through 4 generations kids grew up eating this healthy natural yellow porridge for breakfast and after John and Glenda's passing a few years ago the family have decided that this tradition should be continued and offered to all South African families.

The "History" and the "Product" will give you the details on why this product is something every South African family should consider for a healthy start to our busy and frantic lives. Send us a message if you are interested in sharing in this natural, single variety, healthy and very tasty maize meal. I love it, my kids love it and we cannot start the day without a hot bowl of Uncle John's porridge.